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"The Brain Show" is proud to announce our virtually anytime virtual assembly program.
"Brain Show Mania"
Unlike other virtual programs "Brain Show Mania" is designed to fit your schedule (you choose when you want to download the program anytime, any day, it's up to YOU!!!) Our 9 virtual shows covering 9 grade levels can be played over a two-day period. Our concept is simple and easy to use:
Package A
Show "K" great for Kindergarten
Show #1 is age appropriate for grades 1 & 2
Show #2 is age appropriate for grades 2 & 3
Show #3 is age appropriate for grades 3 & 4
Show #4 is age appropriate for grades 4 & 5
Show #5 is age appropriate for grades 5 & 6
Package B
Show #5 is age appropriate for grades 5 & 6
Show #6 is age appropriate for grades 6 & 7
Show #7 is age appropriate for grades 7 & 8
Show #8 is age appropriate for grades 8 & 9
This unique educational game show was designed so that a school can play the program as often as they wish and as many grade levels as they want over a two day period.
Teachers simply bring the approximately 30 minute program onto their computer via Vimeo and extend their screens so they can show it live in the classroom as well as broadcast it to their virtual students using whatever platform they choose. With a 48 hour window of viewing, they can show two or more programs to their students if they wish.
"Using Brain Show Mania via Zoom or any other virtual presentation platform is simple. Playing the virtual game show is as easy as opening the link provided in your Web browser making the video full screen then sharing that screen with your audience."
All of the questions used in "Brain Show Mania" have been handpicked from curriculum provided by teachers to "The Brain Show" over the many years we have been producing educational programs.
Each one of our "Brain Show Mania" programs comes with a special answer sheet that the teachers need to download so the students can "play along".
The virtual programs have been produced to mimic a TV style game show with one exception:
The first half of the show features only the questions and the second half of the show features a repeat of the questions and also the answers.
This way the students get a double dose of the educational aspect as well as the ability to grade their own papers.
The cost for the Package A which includes K thru 5 "Brain Show Mania" programs, the answer sheet download, and the use of the 48-hour time limit is $500.00 complete.
Package B includes programs 5 thru 8. $500.00 complete.
Contact us for more information or to book this one of a kind Virtually Virtual "Brain Show Mania" program. Remember, our program works when it is convenient for your teachers, any time, any day!
"Brain Show Mania" brought to you by the good people at "The Brain Show"
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