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Frequently asked Questions


Q. Why choose The Brain Showsm and Magic Touch Entertainmentsm?
The Brain Showsm is an authentic educational trivia game show with the unique look and feel of a real live T.V. game show. Magic Touch Entertainment has been an innovator in the entertainment industry for over 26 years.

Q. How long is each show?
Your Brain Show host can adjust the performances to fit just about any time frame.

Q. How many shows can be performed in a day?
Depending on the situation multiple performances can be presented in one day.

Q. Who determines the questions that are asked and who compiles them?
Brain Show questions have been approved by various educators throughout the country as well as from countless hours of research by The Brain Showsm technical staff.

Q. Is it possible to customize The Brain Showsm for my company's affair?
Yes. We can even change our set design to match your company's look and mission statement.

Q. Are there any special set-up requirements necessary?
No. As long as you have an open area, small or large, we can perform. Obviously the larger the performance area, the better.

Q. Is the show effective compared to other live shows?
Absolutely! We provide a fun, exciting, educational game show experience. Even the audience gets involved. The stars of the show are the contestants. We have found a way to get many people to participate (on stage) in a one hour period.

Q. Are prizes awarded?
For clients that do not want to provide "prizes" we always award the winners the official "I'm A Brain Show Maniac Medallion."

Q. Is there an age requirement or limitation for participating contestants?
The Brain Showsm is for all ages as well as appropriate for physically or mentally challenged contestants.

Q. Is there a downloadable promotional flyer/poster that event organizers can download to promote their show?
Yes. Please click here to visit our media page where you will find Images, a Letter, Press Release and Poster that you could use to promote your event.

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