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Hi Jeff & Beverly,

I wanted to let you know what a fantastic evening we had with Chris hosting the Brain Show for Lyme School.

Chris made the show! He was filled with such enthusiasm and humor that the audience radiated that energy, too! How wonderful to see all ages participating in the game. How outrageous to see normally reserved parents up on stage letting loose doing crazy dances and generally being silly with their children.

Several parents came up to me after the show and told me it was the best event the PTO has ever had for the school. One Mom in particular made it a point to call me and thank me for having the Brain Show at the school. She told me it was an incredible opportunity to connect and bond to her Son because they were both so into the activities of the show. She told me after they got home, her son's demeanor with her was especially warm and loving because they had shared such a fun time together. My own seven year old son told me it was the best night of his life.

You have such a fantastic concept, so organized and well run, and Chris was just superb! Many of us enjoyed talking to him after the show and hearing his Disney stories. What a fantastic person, he so clearly loves children, is energized by them, and easily connects with them.

Thank you for a positively wonderful evening. I do not have Chris's contact information, but I hope you will share this email with him.

Kind regards,

Robbin Myers
PTO Chair
Lyme School


Dear Brain Show Providers,

I am the Cultural Arts Chair for the PTA of PS 185 in Brooklyn, NY, and I would like to thank you very much for bringing tremendous excitement to our children when "The Brain Show" came to our elementary school last Tuesday! The children's happy energy carried on until after school, when many of them told their parents all about the great show they had been part of that day!

Everyone had such fun and enthusiasm that at least a dozen teachers came to me, separately, to tell me that, in their opinion, the "Brain Show" was the best assembly we had this year, or ever had!

I have been bringing performing artists to the school for years now, and I must tell you that I have never received such a unanimously and overwhelmingly positive feedback ever, indeed!

Since we absolutely would love to (MUST !) have "The Brain Show" back next year, we most definitely wish to make a formal reservation and lock in this year's price, as per Mr. Chris' suggestion.

Our Principal as well as Assistant Principal were so impressed with Chris' professionalism and giftedness as an entertainer, that they hope that Chris will again be the shows' Master of Ceremony next year.

As my youngest child is graduating this year, our new Cultural Arts Chairperson will from now on be Ms. Jennifer Kruger. She will contact you at your convenience in order to make scheduling arrangements.

Thank you again for a most terrific assembly !

Warmest regards,
Sophie Miyashiro

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